We believe that, “doing good in our lifetime is a great gift for our next life”. We are doing meritorious deeds. Also, everyone wants to do good deeds, and they always pretend to be a good doer. Don’t just say you are a good doer, but let do it now. Don’t just say you are a donor, but let donate now. You will feel good about giving if you give things to the needy people.

Then you will feel much happier than you pretend to be a good doer. Let drive yourself to become a part of charitable person who guide somebody else to do good for their society. Start doing the right things for your society from you. “Donation is not much to everyone. Start doing from small to the big things.” said Dr. Kol Pheng, PUC father founder. Please donate if your salary has to be paid high tax, if you wish to show your good habits and attitude of high responsibility, if you intend to minimize the suffering of the vulnerable group, if you wish to share your sympathy and emotion, if you are willing to improve your spiritual of well-being, if you don’t like social unjust and unfairness, if you want to reconstruct the social values, and if you desire to sustain the development for your whole nation.

With more than one year of hard work, Model Teens has done many good models for society. We have donated money, school materials, food, and bicycles to many vulnerable groups like organization, hospital, and school children.