Model Teens has been created based on the morale, value and origin of Cambodian culture. The vision and philosophy of this team are:

  1. Model Teen members have to be role models in their classes; for example, study hard and work hard for self and community sustainable development.
  2. To encourage young teenagers to spend most of their precious time in school and love their studies.
  3. To guide the young generation to become responsible people and to lift up social morality and cultural values.
  4. To teach them with social morals (respect others and older people, especially their parents).
  5. Encourage them to share within their group. We expect these values will be spread to the entire Cambodian society.
  6. Model Teens commit themselves to become role model students in all classes, to become good children in their families, and to become good citizens in their society.
  7. Model Teen members have to respect the internal rules and national regulations which direct them to behave friendly and morally.
  8. Model teens, if possible, wish to spread the culture of exchanging ideas, knowledge and experience (both study and work experience).
  9. Model Teens be taught to love the culture of sharing their personal happiness amongst themselves, and with others.

10. Model Teens play their parts in helping the community like sharing their happiness with street children, orphans, people living with HIV/AIDS, and other vulnerable groups.