The body wash, SOVINA is the Khmer well produced washing cream with enrichment of camela oil and best ingredients from Singapore based on the formula research and develop in the US. The SOVINA helps smoothen, whiten, and moisture all types of skin with the UV protection.  

Mohosachadaka is the great reading book which explains the detail story of an individual intelligence, the last life of the Buddha as a human being – before the enlightenment. This book is written and prepared by Dr. Kol, PUC father founder. This book can be used to guide to good, challenging the overcoming obstacles, and to prepare oneself for success in life.

The Special Advice is the useful reading text book that covers hundreds of quotes from the great mind people in the world. This text book is prepared by Dr. Kol Pheng, PUC father founder and Ven. Kuo Sopheap, MA of International Relations, US. This book is the best source to restructure and shape your mind to behave as a human being, character building with positive thinking and pushing to reach self-esteem.

The writing book is designed to help improve the writing development of each student for the pre-academic English classes, either in class or at home. This written material is created by Model Teens.