On June 22, 2013, Model Teens organized an essential workshop entitled, “Character Building and Path toward Successful Life”. It was a very crowded workshop with around two thousand PUC students and students from different universities.


The workshop was begun with water spraying blessing from the Buddha. All students were exciting and proud of learning from the workshop, in which the lectures were given by the three idealists – the prominent PUC leaders, Dr. Kol Pheng, Dr. Pak Thavin, and Ven. Kou Sopheap. One student from Royal University of Law and Economics addressed that “I have never seen many students are rally like today.” Likewise, a quote from PUC website says that “It was amazing that many people are interested in the event led by our grandfather, Dr. Kol Pheng”, said a year-2 TESOL student. In the workshop, everyone had strong sense with high paying attention to the lecture. Khmer students like to learn, actually. But they need somebody helps guide and encourage them with potential experiences and successes in which these can lead them to achieve their learning goals.

The workshop was conceptualized to direct students and young generations to walk in the right path with strong commitment to reconstruction social morality and values in the context of Khmer culture and traditions. Further great purpose, this workshop was, initially, to improve youth mind-set building with positive thinking and foster a love culture of sharing and learning. In the workshop, everyone learned great advice from PUC father founder Dr. Kol with the 5 sila, the Buddha based disciplines, in everyday life movement to reach successful life without sin.

For a gift to never ending studies, Dr. Kol donated books entitle “Power of Sila,” to all participants. “This book is my gift to all of you today for further reading. I hope it will help you to find out more with the power of sila, and to build your character to be a successful person.” said Dr. Kol in the workshop.