Blood is the supreme liquid needs inside human body; therefore, blood donation is a very big charity event has ever been accomplished around the world for decades. Giving blood is the only way, in most cases, that the serious injured people can be rescued. It is vitally significant to life. One day blood donors will need blood when they themselves or their relatives have an emergent medical operation.

Currently, a few people give blood, but a lot of people need blood in their lifetime. Every day, at least one person needs blood some reasons (1) he or she may lost blood because of traffic accident (2) he or she may essentially need to do surgery (3) he or she may seriously injures because of crime. Thus, the Cambodian National Blood Center launches a regular call for blood donation from blood donors. As seen blood is the most essential life component, Model Teens – a volunteer group of teachers and students of PUC and students from various universities, which consists of more than 300 members, holds a motto “Passion to Donation” doing blood donation. More than 20% of Model Teens members donated blood on June 12, 2013 on the 10 Years World Blood Donation Day in the Sofitel Hotel, Phnom Penh. We offer the precious gift to life. And I hope this virtue will spread to other people with the culture of sharing and offering in order to decrease suffering.

We believe that more people will donate blood to the needed people because blood donation is the precious gift to life. One day you or your relatives may need blood. Thus, doing blood donation is like you save your life, is like you buy the life insurance, is like you take care of yourself and your family.